Part I

The series of interviews covers stories from the Narela- Bawana industrial area at the fringes of the national capital. The team interviews Akhtari Begum, a social worker who takes up women’s issues within the home and workspace, and Ram Yogi, the head of a labour union in the industrial area. They throw light on everyday problems of the working class with debilitated infrastructure, scarce electricity and water facilities, and an apathetic administration. Their narratives highlight the capitalistic nature of a labour-intensive industrial area such as Narela, and the dismal pay and quality of lives of workers.

Part II

In the months of September and October, a research team at the Centre for New Economics Studies undertook a field study with the objective to visually document and archive the lives and daily work lifestyles of some of the most vulnerable migrant workers working in the Narela region of NCR Delhi. During the course of this ethnographic study, the team interviewed a pool of fifteen respondents with the aim to study the changing Industrial work landscape in Narela after the industrial relocation in 1996. This video story aims to shed light on the nature of work available for workers, worker profile, access to basic amenities, work-contract and gendered variations in patterns of work.

Part III

Low wages, wage harassment and excruciating working conditions is prevalent amongst the factory workers in Narela. Coming from poverty stricken backgrounds, these workers are forced to take up jobs at low salaries in order to make a living. In this video essay, the workers speak about their migration, wage exploitation and the challenges that follow.

Part IV