Hand Block Printing in Jaipur, Rajasthan has been a kaleidoscopic reflection of a complex interplay between culture, livelihoods and crafts. With the development of technology over the years, there have been challenges in preserving this form of art. In this video essay, we understand the learning process and certain intricacies of hand block printing directly from the printers and workers in this industry.

Hand block printing is a labor-intensive method that is sure to capture your attention. Block prints are produced eye to eye, revealing the traces of the human hand, including flaws, which are a part of the craft’s intrinsic humanity and beauty. Despite the fact that its revamping in new silhouettes fosters the rebirth of the art form, modern machines have taken over a substantial portion of the industry. In this video essay, we speak with Harsh Badaya, Riddhi Siddhi textiles, Jaipur about transmute of hand block printing to screen printing and effects of pandemic on this industry.

The art of hand block printing has been a rich part of Jaipur’s culture and heritage. The complexities and finesse of block printing using natural color have been passed down through generations. However, with the advancement of technology, the craftsmen are compelled to adjust to the fast-paced world. In this video essay, Teerath Kacholiya from Indus Art and Emporium narrates the history of the art of block printing and the challenges this craft faces.

As one of the oldest art forms in India, it is important to trace back the roots of hand-block printing and endow them with the identity and recognition the artisans deserve. In this video essay, Raj Kanwarji, from Ojjas, Bagru-Jaipur, unfolds different approaches to commemorate and preserve the art of hand-block printing. She describes her journey and her contribution in shaping the minds of the younger generation towards the heritage of India and importance of recalling it.

Centre for New Economics Studies brings you stories on hand block printing in Jaipur. We look at Titanwala Textile in Bagru, as Suraj Narayan Titanwala and Deepak Kumar Titanwala walk us through the history and culture of the art of hand block printing.