The residents of Kapashera discuss about their livelihoods and stark difference in their employment and income generation before and after the lockdown. There is very less work available for these migrant workers which is making life miserable for them. They are struggling with everyday needs like paying rent, buying water for the family, paying for food and education etc. The residents have not received any sort of government aid during these testing times and going back to their village is not a viable option.

Kapashera is a migrant community in South West Delhi. The lockdown imposed in 2020 left the community in a dire situation. India’s Youth for Revolutionary Change is a youth led organisation that has been serving the migrant community of Kapashera for the past three years. In this video, representatives of IYRC talk about how this migrant community has been striving in the pandemic.

Kapashera has emerged as a popular residence for the migrant workers mainly hailing from Bihar and UP. Despite the communal bonds between its residents, narratives shed light to the difficulties faced by them that highlight how Kapashera fared as a habitat with the turn of events in the pandemic and lockdown. Delving deeper into some of these issue, the Visual Storyboards team has captured some interviews directly from the field.