Kapashera: A cosmos of affordable living

An ecosystem of support that amplifies co-existence, Kapashera’s community of migrants has been able to foster a safe, secure and stable environment for families working and living in a city away from home. This photo essay that takes you through the lives of the migrant workers residing in this area. The team covers Kapashera as a home that shelters migrant workers from several parts of the country and the unique ways in which they define this co inhabiting space.

Kapashera : Where Every Drop Counts

Embodying the spirit of affordability and low income community living, Kapashera is a unique residential settlement. Housing hundreds of migrant worker families, this settlement colony has employed a rare system of delivering basic utilities like electricity and water. Catering to the low but not insignificant consumption needs of the migrant workers staying there, water and its access in Kapashera is used as a scarce, rent-seeking resource. In the second edition, the team tries to capture the unique water distribution system in this densely populated area which caters to all the needs of the residents in a sustainable manner.