Almost 9 months since the Delhi Pogrom and families are still reeling from the shock and damage to life and property. The horrors of the targeted violence will stay with the affected families, the community and the nation for years to come. In collaboration with PAIGAM, CNES brings to you stories from the ground.

A hoard of people stormed across, smashing cars, setting mosques on fire and burning down houses. At 8pm they came for Ahmed’s house. They broke down their door and burnt their car. The family had locked themselves inside but the mob found a way in. Their home was attacked, looted and destroyed. Ahmed and his wife Piya recall that ill fated day and still wonder how their lives turned upside down. The Delhi riots of February 2020 continue to haunt people with its harrowing memories. The couple’s story is just another narrative of how people who had a narrow escape struggle to build their lives again. CNES, in collaboration with PAIGAM urges you to ponder over the coverage to understand the ground reality of the Pogrom.

The horrors of the Delhi Pogrom of February 2020 still haunt the families affected. With property and lives lost, the losses of those nights cannot be forgotten. Hear straight from the families of Jaffarabad, Shahdhara, Shiv Vihar and more about the aftermaths of the Pogrom