The deeply entrenched caste fragmentation makes Bihar’s sociopolitical fabric complex and interlaced. Historically, the direction of Bihar elections have been determined and governed by identity politics. Additionally, amid the corona-chaos and the flood-furore, the developmental issue that seems to be gaining momentum is the issue of unemployment. As of this election season, the call for employment is echoing in every constituency and district. This issue delves into the ground reality of civic issues facing Bihar.

It is during political elections that the collective spirit of a country’s
citizens comes alive. The essence of democracy exudes from the
campaigning rallies, waving party flags and serpentine voting lines. Heterogeneous voices echo in a state that grants universal adult franchise against the fault lines of society. Beyond the ordinary life of oppression and social hierarchies, only during an election does every voice count the same. Or does it? This issue dives into the politics of the Bihar Elections of 2020.