This video engages with four college students who discuss the various programmes initiated by Adityanath’s government in Uttar Pradesh. These first-time voters talk at length about the effects experienced by the health and education sector amid the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, their concerns lie with the chances of employment that are seemingly low in the current economic climate. With the rise in religious divisiveness and unemployment in India, these students are, however, hopeful of electing a government that can elicit socioeconomic progress, leaving no man behind.

The decision of casting a vote is ridden with agendas that cater differently to diverse populations. One has to analyse the social and economic interventions introduced by the government and the initiatives taken to curb coronavirus during these trying times. Along with the economic downfall that has rippled the country, issues of unemployment and the lack of educational resources affect the youth in Uttar Pradesh. With the 2022 election result around the corner, students are hopeful about electing a government that frames policies that lead to increased job opportunities and holistic improvement of the educational sector. Addressing these concerns, the field study initiated by the Centre for New Economics Studies and Visual Storyboards dives deeper into these concerns addressed by college students.

The U.P elections have been one of the most talked about topics. In this video, the first-time voters from various areas in the state shed light on the issues they are facing with the current government. One of the issues which resonates strongly through the video is the lack of employment opportunities. They express how this has an adverse effect on their future as well as their families. Along with this, they also provide a set of solutions which, according to them, would help the government in the coming future.